Brand is more than a logo, tagline, or website

Zoots Dry Cleaning came to Idea Agency for a new website. What they got was a refreshed brand position and a much better understanding of their audience.

Understanding attitudes creates connections

Kicking off with quantitative audience research that segmented Zoots’ customers by attitude, we were able to understand their motivations behind choosing a dry cleaner. With this information, we created umbrella messaging that would appeal to all segments and, then, launch a targeted campaign and media buy focused on the two segments that had the most impact on revenue.

Unique perspectives require custom messaging

Two very distinct audiences – customers who relied heavily on an in-store experience (“Out and Abouts”) versus those who preferred to do as much as possible without setting foot in a store (“Remote Access”) – needed very different messages. With that in mind we ensured messaging on the website addressed both perspectives, media placements reached them in their own unique places on the web, and email newsletters spoke specifically to supplemental services they would be interested in.

Boosts for Zoots

Not only did Zoots experience an overall boost in revenue for the year, they saw a 10% increase in new customer signups. Personalized messages resulted in higher click-through rates on their email blast, increased visits to their blog and, most notably, a 7% increase in alteration sales due to highlighting this area of importance to the audience.

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