A pathway to success

The name Rehabilitative Resources, Inc. (RRI) no longer told the whole story behind this 40-year old organization which serves adults with developmental disabilities, their families, and the community. The company turned to Idea Agency to help increase awareness with a fresh position in the marketplace.

Looking to the future

Celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new CEO at the helm, the right time was right to review RRI’s position in the marketplace, and their name that no longer described their service offerings. “RRI is not about rehabilitation,” Christine Tieri, President at Idea Agency stated. “They are dedicated to helping those with disabilities and their families lead lives the way that makes the individual and family most comfortable.” RRI wanted to leave no stone unturned and rebrand themselves to reflect what they do today and what they plan to do in the future.

A transformation from the inside out

Using our PURPLE process, we started with an executive team workshop to uncovered core values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and attributes. We engaged them in spirited discussion, teased through challenges, envisioned the future, and laid the foundation for a new position – one that was born out of the very people who live and breathe their brand every day.

New name, new face, new voice…new brand

From a variety of new names presented by Idea Agency, the client selected Venture Community Services. Venture speaks to the journey each individual is on and the support provided – through many different services – by the organization. We positioned Venture in the marketplace as “offering a visionary approach that empowers families and individuals to reach their goals,” and created the tagline: Pathways to Empowerment. This new name, tag line and position was embraced by the entire organization. Internally, everyone rallied behind their new name and look, and externally, they had a more compelling – and accurate – story to tell.

In order to bring each of their more than 600 employees on board, we created a brand manifesto that explained the name change and described the meaning behind the new brand. We developed corporate identity guidelines and a messaging platform to ensure the brand was consistent throughout various communications which included a new website and support materials for a big launch Gala where Venture unveiled their new name and position to the public. The organization quickly adopted their new brand into their facilities, onto their vans, at public events and beyond.

Exactly where they want to be

The client considers their transformation a huge success. CEO, Mike Hyland, states that the rebranding process with Idea Agency “created a great deal of energy and conversation that never happened before. All the sudden people felt like they were reinvesting in their own employer. It was a critical means – as we went through more changes – to keep people grounded. In addition to this energy, it’s created investment in what we do, not just internally but also externally. People are interested in finding out more about us.“

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