Greater Marlboro Programs, Inc. was ready for change. The dated name and look didn’t reflect the amazing things this organization is all about. So they hired Idea Agency to create a new name, voice and face on this thriving organization.

Redefining the organization
After 40 years without an update to the brand, this social services organization appeared outdated and tired. This is an organization committed to redefining disabilities by focusing on abilities for the youth, adults and families that they serve. With a new CEO in place, they turned to Idea Agency to help define a new brand position that better reflected who they are at their core.

Change from within
We took the organization through our PURPLE process for brand development, including collaboration from members of the board, leadership, residence managers and others. With perspective from all sides, we dug deep to truly understand the DNA of this inspiring organization which would manifest itself in the form of a new name, brand identity, video, website and communications materials.

Unanimous approval
We crafted their new brand promise, which led to unanimous approval of their new name: Thrive. “With a singular focus on creating experiences that meet the needs of their clients, only Thrive offers the unparalleled programs, commitment and support that helps create lives filled with happiness and pride.”

Beyond the brand foundational pieces, we helped Thrive hone their unique process which focuses on cultivating the abilities of each individual in what they now call the iPlan. To further round out their brand, they also implemented a leadership program under the new Thrive brand called LEAD, Leadership, Experience And Development, which supports and encourages young leaders with developmental challenges to raise awareness and be a bigger part of the community.

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