Graduating to the next level with a new brand

edHEALTH, a recently formed consortium of educational institutions, knew they had a good thing going. But to increase their membership, they were going to have to put a face on their organization.

Building on a healthy start

edHealth provides innovative initiatives specifically to educational institutions so that they can offer quality healthcare while controlling costs. With a strong launch of over one dozen member-institutions, edHEALTH was ready to move the organization to the next level.

In order to build up the roster with other New England educational institutions, as well as keep an eye towards eventually expanding to a national audience, they hired Idea Agency to develop a new, professional brand. edHEALTH turned to Idea Agency – a New England firm with expertise in brand development and integrated marketing – to help move them to the next crucial phase. Utilizing their PURPLE® process for brand development, Idea Agency invited edHEALTH to their offices in Sturbridge, MA to partake in a daylong workshop to help discover the best position for edHEALTH in the marketplace.

Better together

As part of the Idea Agency’s Purple® process for brand development, members of edHealth came to Purpletopia – the agency’s brainstorm facility – to partake in a daylong workshop. During the event, the participants worked collaboratively to understand their SWOT, hone their vision for the future, and identify their brand distinctions.

Creating a brand from the inside out

With a focus on innovation, transparency, member ownership, and simplifying the complex world of healthcare insurance, the agency first helped edHEALTH put its stake in the ground with a new image. We developed a visual identity system including a logo, brand guidelines, and corporate identity package. From there, we created a messaging platform including tagline, umbrella theme, and niche messaging to address their variety of audiences. Finally, a comprehensive website with member portal, sales materials, and other communications materials followed.

From complex to commanding

Through the thoughtful Purple® process, Idea Agency was able to take a complex concept (self-insurance), a complex organization (an organization owned by multiple institutions), and a complex message (cost-savings through collaboration), and simplify it into one powerful message that commands attention.

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